The Singapore Ice Hockey Association (SIHA) is the National Sport Association (NSA) of ice hockey in Singapore; recognized by the Singapore Sport Council (SSC) as the exclusive representative and national organization to operate ice hockey leagues and related programs in Singapore. These activities include such programs as basic level hockey programs for children (Learn To Play), continuous youth programs, an adult ice hockey league, women’s ice hockey and aim to implement both youth and adult annual invitational tournaments in Singapore. Next to the ongoing seasonal programs, SIHA also names the Singapore National Team to represent the country in international events, tournaments, and exhibitions. SIHA is dedicated to raise the awareness, quality, and participation of ice hockey in Singapore and in the South-East Asia region. In addition to the player programs, SIHA also develops and holds courses for ice hockey coaches officials.

As a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation, SIHA has access and resources to the international ice hockey knowledge-base, which we continuously refer to when hosting local, regional, or international events, seminars, or clinics to provide as high quality material as possible.

As a NSA member, SIHA is a charity, non-profit organization run by volunteers who seek to develop ice hockey in Singapore through its administration.

Mission & Values

We bring the fastest game on earth to all of Singapore!

SIHA provides ice hockey opportunities to everyone in Singapore through a variety of programs with the following key focus areas:

  • Ice hockey is a sport that everyone can enjoy at any age throughout their lives and SIHA is dedicated to providing participation opportunities for everyone.
  • SIHA is committed to excellent performance with programs for individuals, teams, officials, coaches, and staff.
  • SIHA recognizes the importance of sports industry and strives to create business and career opportunities to benefit and enhance the sports industry.

We are a passionate group of people who know the value that a positive ice hockey experiences can have on an individual’s life.

Executive Committee

The Singapore Ice Hockey Association Executive Committee is a volunteer organization committed to the development of ice hockey in Singapore. In this capacity, the SIHA ExCo oversees the operations of all SIHA-related programs.

The SIHA Executive Committee 2016/17:

Position Name Contact
President Alphonsus Joseph
Vice President Michael Lambert
Secretary Angela Tisdall
Treasurer Joreen Soo
VP Marketing &
Sean Davidson
Development Director (Men) Leon Zhu
Development Director (Women) Jaslyn Lim
Development Director (Youth) John Tolton

SIHA Executive Committee roles are voted on at Annual General Meeting (AGM) that take place near the start of the main ice hockey season in September. If you are interested to learn more about available roles, visit this site on a regular basis and/or contact us at:


Meeting Date Venue
Annual General Meeting 2016 Monday October 3, 7:30pm – 9:30pm  The Rink, 3F



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