Executive Committee

The Singapore Ice Hockey Association Executive Committee is a volunteer organization committed to the development of ice hockey in Singapore. In this capacity, the SIHA ExCo oversees the operations of all SIHA-related programs.

The SIHA Executive Committee 2015/16:

Position Name Contact
President Alphonsus Joseph alphonsus.joseph@siha.org.sg
Vice President Eric Van Steen eric.vansteen@siha.org.sg
Secretary Angela Tisdall angela.tisdall@siha.org.sg
Treasurer Joreen Soo joreen.soo@siha.org.sg
VP Marketing &
Sean Davidson sean.davidson@siha.org.sg
Referee in Chief Eugene Ang eugene.ang@siha.org.sg
Development Director (Men) Leon Zhu leon.zhu@siha.org.sg
Development Director (Women) Jaslyn Lim jaslyn.lim@siha.org.sg
Development Director (Youth) John Tolton john.tolton@siha.org.sg

SIHA Executive Committee roles are voted on at Annual General Meeting (AGM) that take place near the start of the main ice hockey season in September. If you are interested to learn more about available roles, visit this site on a regular basis and/or contact us at: inquiries@siha.org.sg