National Ice Hockey Summer League Finals 2015

Division 1 Champion – Black Team
Division 2 Champion – Red Team
Division 3 Champion – Blooies Ice Dogs

Puck dropped? Checked. Goals scored? Checked. Medals given? Checked. With the winners of all 3 divisions emerging with smiles and stepping off the ice, the summer season of the National Ice Hockey League is now over. All the twelve teams across three divisions put up a hard fight during playoffs, only to end off with a blast on 2nd August 2015 at The Rink while the top two teams of each division fought for championship.

While the Winter League 14/15 was coming to a close, the Singapore Ice Hockey Association committee members were putting together the Summer League of 2015. Draft night was held at Blooies Roadhouse at Science Park on the 10th May, where players of the league, both new and existing, gathered for their new team managers to pick them.

During the short Summer League, the teams are named accordingly to colors; Red, Yellow, Black and White. All the teams played very hard for a 10-game round robin, which led to a play-off game to determine finalists.

While the players of the Men’s National Team got together once again to form a team playing in Division 1, this league season featured an all-girls team sent by the Singapore Women’s Ice Hockey club, which the girls who trains on Sunday mornings have decided to step up to join Division 3 in preparation for CCOA, most probably in March, 2016 which would be held in Taipei.

That concludes the 2015 Summer League, while we brace ourselves and bring on the Winter League of 2015/2016! Details on registration will be up on the SIHA website as soon as it is ready.

We would like to thank The Rink at JCube for providing the ice that we played on, our sponsors who made the league possible, the referees and scorekeepers for keeping the game safe and fair, the fans and spectators who kept the atmosphere an awesome one and all our players who played with so much zest throughout the league season.

SIHA is proud to declare that there have been no major injuries throughout the league. Although ice hockey is commonly associated with being a rough game, safety had and will always be our prime concern. From ensuring that every member who gets on ice during a SIHA ice time slot is covered by insurance to having our officials trained to react and attend to any situations that may lead to potential injuries, one can be assured of his safety during a game. Our office officials, making sure nets are drawn to prevent the pick from entering the spectator’s zone where people are not protected by gears, have also enforced precautions. Non-officials are also discouraged to stay off the play area.

Article by Serena Tsang; Photos by William Lai