SIHA Officiating Program 2016

We will do a combine session for this year with Off Ice official & Junior/New official as we want this programme to be more interactive. This will also allow the Senior Official to help to train/develop the new official.

Details as per below:
Date: 19th November 2016
Time: 10am – 5pm
Location: 20 Kallang Avenue, Pico Creative Centre, Lobby A, Level 5 (AUDITORIUM)
(if you drive, please park opposite @ JTC as the parking it’s expensive)

$50 (off ice official)
$80 (current official)
$150 (new official) + rule book
Lunch inclusive with course materials

Kindly please log in to link below to make the payment of $80 (you will be able to change the amount).
Once payment is made, please email a screenshot copy to

Closing date is 11th Nov