Summer League 2013/2014

The SIHA Summer League 2013/2014 is now ready for registration. The summer league will cost $400 for 14-15 games including playoffs.

Only Adult SIHA members will be able to register for the summer league. Any participant that is below 21 will need to register as an Adult SIHA member in order to participant in the league. Participants below 18 will require the approval of the SIHA Committee and will require parental consent and release of liability.

The jerseys for the summer league will be plain colored numbered jerseys as we do not have any sponsorship for the short summer league. There is a limit of 220 players and 14 goalies for the summer league. You may register here.

Games will be on the following nights with 2 to 3 games / night. First game is at 9:45pm, second game at 10:45pm and third game at 11.45pm(if needed)

  • Division 1 – Thursday nights
  • Division 2 – Sunday nights
  • Division 3 – Monday nights


The shinny schedule for players new to the league is posted below and league game schedule will be posted on our website before draft night on June 8th.

[table id=3 /]

For players new to the league, please bring a light and a dark colored jersey to the shinny sessions.

You must be registered and paid for both Adult SIHA membership and SIHA Summer League to get on the ice for the shinny sessions.