Singapore Ice Hockey Association is a volunteer organization. If you are interested in dedicating some time towards ice hockey in Singapore, we have roles that are open for members as follows:

SIHA Vice-President

  • Multi Year Sports Plan update
  • Develop long term goals and plans for the Association
  • Advise and guide ExCo members in their area of responsibilities
  • Responsible for the NIHL Leagues Management
  • Oversee the development of officials
  • Represent the Association in the absence of the President
  • Approve payments



  • First point of contact for SIHA Members or inquiries
  • Coordinate between the various Executive Committee program leads
  • Manage the SIHA compliance requirements (Charity Portal, ROS, ANGE, IIHF)
  • Support all program leads
  • Timely arrangement of meetings for AGM, EGM and ExCo meetings (Venue, Agenda, Minutes)
  • Store documents in Google Drive
  • Reply inquiries and channel the mail to the related party



  • Ensure sound financials of the Association
  • Responsible for the Associations P&L (Membership Fees, Administrative Costs, etc)
  • Accounting support to all program leads
  • Manage and submission the SIHA compliance requirements on Charity Portal
  • Ensure yearly audit of accounts and proper checks and balances are in place to meet IPC standards
  • Ensure timely payment of creditors/suppliers
  • Creation of SIHA invoices and ensure payment of SIHA issued invoices
  • Develop Multi-year financial plan
  • Work with Certified Public Accountants and Auditors to ensure all tax returns are accurate and filed on time
  • With accounting background will be an advantage

Director of Men’s Development Team

  • Oversee and run the Singapore Men’s National Team Development Program
  • Develop multi-year youth development plan with detailed budget
  • Ensure Men’s National Team meets all affiliated partner requirements
  • In partnership with Sponsorship lead, actively seek supporters of the Men’s National Teams goals
  • Responsible for the Men’s National Team P&L

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

  • Deliver all SIHA’s Marketing and Communications
  • Develop all communications with the Association Members
  • Enhance publicity of the sport and of the Association
  • Creation and preservation of SIHA brand identity
  • Develop multi-year marketing and communications plan with detailed budget
  • Maintain all SIHA’s marketing assets (website, Member database, Registration platform, email distribution)

Roles are elected for a 2-year tenure and 100% volunteer basis

if you’d like to learn more contact us at or fill in the nomination form