AGM 2016 – Thanks Attendees, VP Mike Lambert, Reports & More


Thanks to all attendees to the AGM 2016 held Monday Oct 3 at the The Rink. On behalf of the SIHA Executive Committee, we greatly appreciate your interest, inquiries, feedback and support. It’s great that we work together to enhance ice hockey in Singapore.

A major outcome of the AGM was the election of Mike Lambert as the new Vice President of SIHA. Mike is a great addition to the SIHA ExCo (again) and we look forward to working with him and leveraging his considerable expertise and knowledge of ice hockey administration in Singapore and beyond. Once again, we would also like to say a big thank you to Eric Van Steen, our former VP, for his long-term service and exceptional effort in the role, and wish him best of luck in his future endeavors outside of SIHA.

In relation to the AGM a number of documents have been made available to the public, including


SIHA 2016 Audited Financial Report: signed-audited-report-ye-31-03-2016

SIHA 2015 Audited Financial Report: signed-audited-report-ye-31-03-2015

SIHA 2015 AGM Meeting Minutes: minutes-siha-agm-15-sept-2015


SIHA Constitution, 2011: constitution-ice-hockey-25aug11

Meeting minutes from the AGM are coming soon.