Asian Winter Games: Schedule & Viewing

Asian Winter Games, 18 – 25 February 2017

Our Men’s Ice Hockey National Team will be headed up to Sapporo next week to compete first time ever in the Asian Winter Games. Held in Mikaho Gymnasium, the team will be competing against Hong Kong, UAE, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei and Thailand.

In the 8th edition of the games, AWG showcases the more nations participating in the Ice Hockey events as compared to previous years. With 3 men’s division and a women’s division, the Japanese hosts yet the biggest Ice Hockey AWG events thus far, welcoming more South East Asian teams this year, including but not limited to Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

For live streaming of the games, you can head to We will also be updating the results of our games on Facebook.

Note: all times below are given in Singapore Time Zone, Sapporo is one hour ahead.

18th Feb, 11:00am : SGP vs HKG

20th Feb, 2:30pm: MGL vs SGP

21st Feb, 11:00am: SGP vs TPE

23rd Feb, 6:00pm: UAE vs SGP

25th Feb, 2:30pm: THA vs SGP

HKG: Hong Kong, MGL: Mongolia, SGP: Singapore, THA: Thailand, UAE: United Arab Emirates

Also heading up to AWG from Singapore includes 4 representatives from the Singapore Ice Skating Association, participating in Speed Skating and Figure Skating.

LETS GO #TeamSingapore! Otsukare samadeshita!

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