Girls Hockey Night 2016 – Well Done!


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Girls Hockey Night 2016 hosted over 50 girls of all ages Sunday 27 November at The Rink @ JCube. Many participants had no prior ice hockey experience. Some were ice skating for the first time. Numerous have now registered for Learn to Play and are officially taking up ice hockey.

Jaslyn Lim, Director of Singapore Woman’s National Ice Hockey Team stated: ’“Girls Hockey Night 2016 was a great catalyst for girls in Singapore to experience the joys of ice hockey. This year was the highest turnout ever for the annual event, now in its third year in Singapore, and we hope that it helped to ignite a spark that will lead to broader interest and participation for girls to play ice hockey here in future – who knows, perhaps have seen a few upcoming Woman’s National Ice Hockey players on the ice tonight.”

There were three 45 minute sessions, with about 20 girls on the ice per cluster. Under the expert tutelage of the Singapore National Woman’s Team, drills focused on skating and stickhandling skills. The girls learned to skate through obstacles and carry and pass pucks. It all ended with a hellacious scrimmage match, with the participants enthusiastically realizing their newfound skills. Many scored first ever goals.

Bambby Cheuk was the perfect example of a first timer on the ice. Ice hockey had piqued her interest for quite some time. Bambby – who had never ice skated before – feared she may not be able to balance on the ice and would be afraid to fall. But with instruction, Bambby overcame her fears and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

“I didn’t know that Singapore had ice hockey! It was interesting to not only be able to watch people play, but to be able to feel it myself. It’s one of the memories that I’ll definitely keep, if not make more of it!” Bambby remarked.

Girl’s Hockey Night 2016 accomplished some solid outcomes. Having enjoyed the first-time experience of ice hockey, a number of participants registered for Learn To Play, the ice hockey development program run jointly by SIHA, The Rink @ JCube and the Men’s and Woman’s National Ice Hockey Teams. As just one example, during the session participant Sammi Phua was so mesmerized by Woman’s National Team goalie Caroline Ang, she had a revelation that she too can be an ice hockey goalie. Voila: Sammi registered for Learn to Play and starts on ice training in December.

SIHA hope that all Girls Hockey Night participants will consider participating in the Learn To Play program and further your ice hockey experience. To learn more about Learn to Play visit or contact The Rink directly or visit their website at If you need to learn more about getting equipment, contact <a href=”>Adrian Hui</a>

Girls Hockey Night 2016 is Singapore’s contribution to International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Girls Ice Hockey Weekend (#WGIHW). This year is the third time that SIHA has organized the event in Singapore.

Thanks to all participants of SIHA’s Girls Hockey Night 2016 and we look forward to hosting you at an even better event in 2017.

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