Insurance coverage for the year ahead

Every year as the Winter Season winds down and we move on to the coming year, SIHA tries its best to come up with new membership perks that make playing hockey as enjoyable as possible; every season brings about positive change within the scene, and that’s what SIHA strives to achieve. This year, we’re glad to announce a new feature that will be implemented as part of our member registration: insurance coverage! While insurance coverage will not prevent you from getting hurt, it will lessen the financial burden injuries can take on you. The insurance policy that SIHA has in place is quite comprehensive; it covers all activities organized by SIHA or the Singapore Ice Dragons, including passageway to and from the participant’s residence to the rink. That means all league matches will be covered under this policy, as well as any training sessions, shinny, or coaching programs organized by the respective organizations. The main attraction of the Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance coverage, courtesy of NTUC, is the medical expense per accident that it covers – up to $5000 per accident. That amount will sufficiently cover even some pretty nasty lacerations across the face, as well as maybe some broken bones… or not. The bottom line is, SIHA wants every member of its association to have the most fun when playing hockey, because let’s face it, there’s no better sport in the world. We have signed up for one year and will evaluate the effectiveness of this service and its claim process at the end of the year based on your feedback and our observations before deciding to extend it. For now though, rest assured that you can have the best possible experience playing our sport without a nagging fear of medical expenses should something happen to you.