About NIHL

The NIHL (National Ice Hockey League) is Singapore’s adult ice hockey league. It is recognized as the premier league in SE Asia and one of the most competitive in Asia. The NIHL consists of 3 levels and brings together male and female players from Singapore and around the world. The NIHL began in 2000 as a four team league with 45 players. I


Division 1
– elite level
– consists of top players from around the world who have typically played junior level hockey in their respective countries
– average playing experience: 15+ year
– 4 teams

Division 2
– advanced level
– consists of a great mix of recreational players and newer and younger emerging players
– average playing experience: 10+ years
– 6 teams

Division 3
– novice level
– most players are fairly new to organised hockey
– average playing experience: 5+ years
– 4 teams

The NIHL consists of 2 seasons per year
– Winter League: the ‘main’ season runs from September to April
– Summer League: abbreviated season that runs from June to Aug

Players seeking to participate in the NIHL Winter or Summer season are recommended to complete registration on the schedule. New players can be accommodated during the season on a case by case basis. Visit the Updates or News sections on this site for more information on registration.

Insurance Coverage
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Teams are selected via a draft process whereby Team Managers select players.

The Rink at JCube

If you have questions about the NIHL contact us: inquiries@siha.org.sg