Meet our Members!

National Day is just around the corner, and this week we managed to catch up with some of our boys from UNTP who are serving NS this year! While they were unable to participate in most of the tournaments this year, we have seen them grow with the team over the years into the fine young adults they are today.

Meet Bryan Lee (#71), Kevin Lee (#50), and Elijah Low (#72)

How long have you been playing hockey? 

K: Since I was 9.
B: Since I was 5.
E: I started only recently, since 2019.

How did you start hockey?

K: I was skating at Kallang before JCube had a rink, and Coach ohn Vitello spotted my brother and I skating with their son Lucas, so he introduced us to Ice Dragons.

B: Ironically, I picked up the sport in the middle of a desert. My family was living in the UAE and one of our close church friends at that time was a Canadian family, which were helping to coach the local team in Abu Dhabi at that time. They brought us there and we thought it was cool, seeing all the bigger kids in gears and skating around and shooting. So I asked if i could joined. Hooked (no pun intended) onto it since then!

E: It was more simple for me. I started skating in JCube rink, saw the games here, picked it up!

When was the first time you put on the National Team jersey?
K: Hockey 5’s, 2015. New experience, lost a lot, learned a lot, made a lot of new friends, had a lot of fun!

B: 2019 CCoA in KL! (editor’s note: we believe that wasn’t his first!) I was 16 back then, so it was nervewrecking, playing in Adults’ Division where full contact was a thing. Scoring the first goal helped calmed my nerves, and it had really helped build my confidence playing my game. Winning bronze and beating Malaysia in the third place game was sweet.

E: This is actually my first year to make the team. Wearing my National Team jersey in Krygyzstan was such a surreal experience, having not only been able to finally travel (and to such a lovely country), but also to have been given the chance to represent my country in a sport that I love. Initially, I was nervous as to what to expect, but having my team mates whom I consider my friends around me, it made me feel more relaxed and ready for this new experience.

Any final thoughts?
K: Yes! I want to share something I learnt from these tournaments. So apparently, you cannot play football in hotel corridors. We were having fun playing football with our friends from Malaysia and Hong Kong, and were chased by the security guard. That was fun!

B: Tons of fun stories! Mine’s probably thinking how many sticks can Cael snap in about 2 weeks.

E: For me, I have made many fond memories with the national team. The fondest ones however, aren’t necessarily those on the ice, but those of team mates becoming close friends and meeting each other outside of training, such as going out to eat or watch movies. So to all those who are too scared to try something new, I would encourage you to go for it. I would’ve never been in the spot I was and made the wonderful friends I have if I was too scared to step out of my comfort zone. We’re all just stories in the end after all, so make it a good one

B: Yeah, We just gotta work on getting pucks deep and take it one shift at a time. In all seriousness though, hockey in Singapore is growing and getting better and better, just keep working hard in trainings, especially the young kids, and we can look forward to even more success in the near future.

We thank our boys for sharing their stories with us, for serving our nation, and most importantly, developing the hockey scene in Singapore. We wish you all the best during your time in the army, and look forward to having you back on ice with us! To the rest of our Members, Happy National Day. #Majulah