As a Non-Profit Organisation, the National Ice Hockey League (NIHL) is made possible through the generosity of our Sponsors. Monies which our Sponsors are being utilised to cover the cost of renting the sheet of ice at The Rink @ JCube, operational costs of Officials, and miscellaneous spendings. Any monies left unused in this League are used to offset the cost of participation in the next season. All SIHA Finances are made publicly available after every AGM. 

Being a Sponsor in the NIHL supports a growing community of like-minded Ice Hockey players. Our community consist of a diverse profile of professionals and demographics residing in Singapore. 

Interested in being a Sponsor? Talk to us and find out the various Sponsorship Programs that are set in place! 

Vice President, Marketing & Communications: Serena Tsang 

National Ice Hockey League: Winter 2022 - 2023 sponsors


Smokey’s BBQ: American Grill and Bar

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PS-Engage – Government Relation Services

Translating expertise, passion and trust into value for our clients. We are a strategic government relations consulting firm that helps businesses, foundations and industry groups navigate the geopolitical, economic and regulatory complexities in the Asia-Pacific region.



Tribeca is an Asia Pacific based investment and advisory firm which has been partnering with sophisticated clients across asset management, private wealth management and corporate advisory for more than two decades.



NORQAIN is a fully independent, family-owned Swiss watch company located in Nidau (Bienne) in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. Our timepieces are exclusively mechanical automatic watches, each piece handcrafted with unconditional attention to detail.


NORQAIN is also a long-term partner of the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA). NORQAIN Board member Mark Streit, 2017 Stanley Cup winner and Swiss hockey legend, and Roman Josi, three-time NHL All-Star player and captain of the Nashville Predators, have been actively involved in the independent brand’s development from day one. Their commitment has been a key factor in NORQAIN’s entry into ice hockey and in the establishment of this important alliance with the NHLPA.


In honour of the partnership, NORQAIN has launched a limited edition Ice Hockey Adventure Sport Chrono that incorporates details that undoubtedly link the timepiece to the thrilling sport of ice hockey. Visit our Boutique at Wisma Atria, #02-33, to see the limited edition piece!



DreamSports is the sole authorised dealer for Bauer in Singapore, we help to bring Bauer to you at a very affordable price lower than online. Due to the niche market in Singapore, we are unable to stock up like the giant online store, therefore we are running on a pre order system, we gather order quarterly and send in to the factory. Then they will reply with a delivery date and we will double confirm with customer if they wish to proceed to confirm order with a 50% deposit. We are all out to promote our sport and hope to give everyone an awesome Bauer experience!





Established in August 1992 as an intimate jazz bar in Boat Quay, Harry’s has transformed over the years into an established, homely neighbourhood bar. They are currently Singapore’s largest chain of bar and dining establishments, with 19 outlets located across the island.

Harry’s is a place where the conversations keep flowing and the good vibes get going. It is perhaps one of the best places for you to enjoy your favourite drinks paired with scrumptious food; and a place for you to always call home. A get-together at Harry’s is never complete without an ice-cold beer. Special highlights on the menu include Harry’s very own house brew, Harry’s Premium Lager. As part of the new menu, Harry’s offers an all-new selection of beer cocktails that is full of fun and surprises.

Harry’s holds a few awards to its name, and these include the prestigious Asia Enterprise Brand Awards 2015, as well as the distinguished 2019 Asia’s Top Influential Brands in Bar & Dining. The recent Epicurean Star Award 2021 – Best Western Restaurant (Chain Dining) by Restaurant Association of Singapore serves to affirm their position as a key market leader.

National Ice Hockey League: Winter 2022 - 2023 SUPPORTERS

The League is supported by the togetherness of our Community. As a scheme to support the Community, we have put together a collaboration between SIHA and Small Business owners to bring to our Members a variety of perks and Members benefit. Spendings within these brands goes directly back to our partners in supporting our local economy and help foster the ice hockey scene in Singapore.


Preferred Pizza:
Little Caesars Pizza

Free pizza with Player of the Game coupon! Go score your goals!


25% off order from Zeste with order code SIHAZESTE25

Preferred Chiropractor:
Onsite Health

15% off Chropractic sessions for all SIHA Members


Score a 10% off when you sign up for Membership at Buttongenic with the code


Preferred Alcohol Retailer:
Trouble Brewing

15% off orders from Trouble Brewing with the code SIHA15