Singapore Ice Hockey Association Safe Sport Policy

Singapore Ice Hockey Association (SIHA) has aligned its Safe Sport Program and Integrity Policy through Safe Sport Commission Singapore to safeguard our Athletes and Community’s passion for the sport. It serves as a purpose to the Association’s commitment to protecting Ice Hockey, Athletes, Coaches Officials and Members against any form of abuse. 


Response and Resolution Process

Reporting a concern on Safe Sport website:

Safe Sport Commission Singapore website:

All National Team Athletes, Coaches and Game Officials are subjected to additional competition ethics as per IIHF Integrity Code


The IIHF’s aim is to protect clean players by keeping ice hockey free of doping.

Competition Manipulation

The IIHF’s goal is to protect the exciting and unpredictable character of ice hockey games by preventing players, coaches or officials from cheating..

Abuse & Harassment

The IIHF’s priority is to protect children and adults in ice hockey from harm by providing a safe space in which they can perform their sport.


The IIHF’s objective is to encourage ethical conduct in ice hockey by discouraging ethical misconduct.

SIHA conducts an annual Integrity Workshop for everyone in the Community, while it is mandatory for Athletes participating in the IIHF World Championships. Materials for the latest workshop can be found here.

For more information on each pillar, as well as reporting, visit the IIHF Integrity Hub.

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