SIHA has a formalised referee program that offers a number of levels of officiating training and certification. If you are interested in becoming a referee or refereeing in Singapore, please contact our Referee in Chief, Benjamin Huang.

All SIHA sanctioned competitions and National Team trainings play by the rules of the IIHF. You may download the rule book here

Referee in Chief: Benjamin Huang
Officiating Advisor: Eugene Ang
Head Referee: Michael Loh
Head of Women’s Development (Officiating): Diane Foo
Head Statistician: Alex Manton

ON Ice Officials

Eugene Ang 5 IIHF Referee Class B SIHA Official Supervisor
Michael Loh 5 IIHF Referee Class C Head Referee, SIHA Official Supervisor
Benjamin Huang 5 IIHF Linesman Class B Referee in Chief, SIHA Official Supervisor
Diane Foo 5 IIHF Referee Class B Head of Women’s Development (Officiating), SIHA Official Supervisor
Hans Chen 4
Dwain Macintosh 4
Gabriel Lau 4
Alex Tang 4
Daniel Chew 4
Jaslyn Lim 3
Cael Chua 3
Joewe Lam 3
Serena Tsang 3 IIHF Linesman Class B
Alphonsus Joseph 3
Charlotte Eng 3
Bingxun Liu 2
Craig Roussel 2
Derek Sliworsky 1
Jordan Reinhardt 1
Hanna Lee 1
Alyssa Goh 1
Alexia Goh 1

Off Ice Officials

Alexander Manton
Kiarra Chin
Wen Lin Lim
Josephine Hamnett
Janis Mak
Genevieve Heng
Jessica Chua 
Nicole Tan
Nicole Ong
Charlotte Eng