The SIHA Pre-Approval Programme

As part of our efforts to get back to sustainable hockey in the post COVID-19 era, the Singapore Ice Hockey Association is introducing the SIHA Pre-Approval Programme. A list of SIHA members who have completed their vaccination with either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines as verified by MOH.

In-line with the governments’ increased move towards a vaccinated Singapore and the opening of the country for those who are vaccinated, we believe this will give us the best opportunity to open ice hockey for our members in a manner that will be safe, responsible and better-able to sustain the ever-changing situation regarding COVID-19 in Singapore.

We need the help, understanding and patience of all our members as we undergo this process. A little short-term pain which can enable us to get hockey back on its’ feet for the longer term.

How it works:
Submit the google form:

The resulting spreadsheet will be accessible only to SIHA Exco and personal data will not be shared
A new spreadsheet will be created reflecting only the names of vaccinated players
This new spreadsheet will be shared with ice-time bookers
Ice-time bookers will be required to submit name lists 24 hours before ice times, and check that their name list includes only pre-approved players
The list will be updated with new players every Monday

Will SIHA share my information?
We will only share individual names with ice-time bookers, the rest of the personal information will be kept to SIHA Exco only.

Why not just check vaccination status at the rink?
This is not a sustainable solution. Unlike private gyms we do not have full-time staff manning the front desk. It is not fair to rely on ice-time bookers to man the front gate and check every player who comes in during every single ice time.

Keep in mind, in the off-chance that a cluster should occur as a result of ice hockey, the authorities will be very vigilant as seen with the KTV cluster. A large percentage of our population are expats for whom the ramifications are more serious, we need to take this very seriously.

When will we be able to play again?
The faster we get our database filled out the faster we can get back to hockey. Conservatively, we are targeting August 9th.

What about a vaccinated league? 5v5?
As Singapore begins to open up, we predict it will be done with vaccinated persons in mind. Creating this list now will enable us to pivot and react faster as Singapore opens up and get back to normal hockey with less delays.

For any further questions, please contact