The Summer League 2014 is here!

The Winter season ends with a bang this Sunday with the finals of all three divisions being played back-to-back. If you haven’t made time in your schedule to witness this event, you’ve still got plenty of time to move things around.

But as sure as the sun will rise and set, the Winter season will have to come to an end. When the buzzer goes and the whistles blow after the final minutes of the last game, many will pack their hockey bags until the next Winter season. But for those eager to continue living their fantasy of playing in the NHL or who missed the opportunity to play in the past Winter season, there’s a perfect opportunity for you!

The Summer League registration is now OPEN.

Following almost the same format as the previous leagues, games will be held on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights for divisions 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The difference between the current season is that there will only be two games a night, and the games will be 3 periods of 20 mins each.

That’s  right, the Summer season will feature LONGER periods, but at the same price as the previous Summer season in 2013. An unbelievable deal? Then check out the registration link on the side bar to register yourself! Full details of the season can be found below.

Please note that only registered member of the Association can sign up for the league. To make yourself a member of the Association for this fiscal year, please also check out the membership registration link on the side bar.


Games will be on the following nights with 2 games / night. First game is at 9:45pm, second game at 11:00pm.
Division 1 – Thursday nights
Division 2 – Sunday nights
Division 3 – Monday nights

3 x 20 mins running time (at the same price as last year’s summer league)
IIHF playing rules with exception to allow changes on icing calls.

League fees are $400 for 14 to 15 ice sessions for each division, including playoffs, from May to August.

Summer league jerseys and socks will be issued to all participants but will need to be returned to the team managers at the end of summer league or when a participant leaves the league.

Only Adult registered SIHA Members are allowed to register for summer league. Minimum age for Summer League registration is 18 years old. Players under 18 may play in the summer league pending SIHA Committee approval and parental consent. Youth players who wish to play in the summer league will need to sign up as an Adult member.

The shinny schedule for players new to the league is posted below and league game schedule will be posted on our website ( before draft night on April 26.

Date Day Start Time End Time Skaters
 April 24 Thursday 09:45 PM 10:45 PM   For players new to the league D3/D2
April 24 Thursday 10:45 PM 11:45 PM   For players new to the league D1/D2
April 25 Friday 07:30pm 10:00PM   Closed Team Managers Draft
April 26 Saturday 07:30 PM  –   Draft announcement night
May 4
Sunday 09:45 PM 12:15 AM   League Starts!!

For players new to the league, please bring a light and a dark colored jersey to the shinny sessions.

You must be registered and paid for both Adult SIHA membership and NIHL Summer League to get on the ice for the shinny sessions.