When considering the long term development of Ice Hockey in Singapore, a key goal is to have a constant flow of new players participating in the League and hockey programs. This is why the Singapore Ice Hockey Association (SIHA) is a dedicated supporter and host for grass-roots and youth ice hockey development programs. Youth Hockey focuses on and develops fair play, teamwork, and fun. The youth program in Singapore consists currently of three phases: Learn-to-Skate (LTS), Learn-to-Play (LTP), and the Singapore Ice Dragons – the Singapore Ice Hockey Association Youth Program.

The Learn-to-Skate programs are hosted by the Rink in JCube.  The Learn-to-Skate program teaches the fundamentals of skating to any beginner, so they find balance and security when moving around on the ice. Since no hockey-specific equipment is required for this program, it is safely accessible to any person interested in learning how to skate, and have some fun on ice.

After completing the LTS, one may consider moving on to more hockey specific lessons, under Learn To Play. These are also hosted by the venues, but the availability of these sessions may vary, so we advise to check beforehand on upcoming sessions. During the LTP lessons, the players are introduced to ice hockey specific equipment and game play. These include the protective equipment, stick, and puck. It also includes an introduction to ice hockey specific movement. After completing the LTP program the player is safely able to move securely around the ice, with full control over one’s motion and speed.

Both the LTS and LTP programs are based on individual skills improvement. After mastering these aspects of the game, the player can choose to join a team, which is a club on one’s skill level and with players of similar age. There are various possibilities, from the Singapore Ice Dragons to a more occasional team approach, as the Blizzards. These possibilities are available at the venues, where further information is provided.

SIHA is looking at possibilities to involve more local participants in ice hockey and widening the attendance of the sport. For many interested the high entry fee has been a very understandable obstacle. This is why SIHA encourages all concerned to get in touch with LTP programs, where we have worked together with local distributors and the International Ice Hockey Federation to provide very affordable solutions to enter the sport.