League Rules and Point Systems – NIHL Winter 2016/17

Welcome back to the season everyone! Please note the following league rules and scoring system for Winter League 2016/17 :- Each game is worth 3 points whereby • Win will earn your team 3 points • Loss will earn your team 0 points In the event of a regular period tie, a shoot out will happen in place of an overtime; • Overtime Win will earn your team 2 points • Overtime Loss will earn your team 1 point. Note that first three shots will be taken by three different individuals. Should the scores remain tied, shoot outs will go into sudden death mode which the game will end when the first goal difference is made which will determine the winning team. There is no restrictions to the repetition of individuals taking to shots nor number of shots taken. At the end of regular season, playoff match up will be determined by the number of points that your team has accumulated throughout regular season with the most points being place 1st to play against the last, 2nd placing team playing against the 5th and the 3rd placing will play against the 4th. In the event of two or more teams ending with the same amount of points accumulated, a tie breaker will occur in the format of the the number of goal difference between scored and let in throughout the season, followed by the number of goals scored by the team. If both teams still remains tied, a flip of a coin by the Referee in Chief will occur in the presence of both team managers. GAME STRUCTURE: Division 1: Thursdays, 9.45pm, 10.45pm Division 2: Sundays, 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm* Division 3: Mondays, 9.45pm, 10.45pm *note that Division 2 games are 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.45pm for most of the season with the exception of the school holidays where games are 9.45pm, 10.45pm and 11.45pm due to school holidays. The games will run 3 periods of 16:00 minutes each with • 2 minutes warm-up • 1 minute break in between each period In the case of a single goal difference at the last 2 minutes of the game, the time will stop when the game play does. Warm up time clock will start once the Zamboni gate closes, and 10 pucks will be issued to each team. LEAGUE RULES: 1. In the event of a regular season tied game, shoot out will occur with no overtime plays. 2. In the event of a playoff tied game, both teams will play 4v4 for 3 minutes. The game stops when the first goal is conceded. If the game is still tied after overtime has run out, shoot out will occur. 3. Each team is entitled to a 30 seconds time out which can be taken at any point of the game. However, both teams cannot take their time outs consecutively. 4. All teams must have a minimum of six dressed players per game by the start of the first period. If a team has less than six players, the team forfeits the game. Players could include 5 skaters and 1 goalie. 5. Off-side is subjected to the attacking team clearing the zone. This means the attacking team can clear the zone and negate the off-side. Clearing the zone means all attacking players must at the same time be outside the zone after a puck has been cleared into the attacking zone when at least one attacking player was in the zone. Once all players have cleared the attacking zone, the referee shall indicate the negation of the off-side by indicating the washout sign. 6. Only the referee is allowed to call for the time clock to stop. The clock will only be stopped if there is a major injury. Fighting, roughing after the whistle or any minor injury will not stop the clock. At no point in the game can any player request that the timekeeper stop the clock. Doing so can lead to a minor penalty. If a player feels the clock should be stopped, he shall communicate with his captain or assistant captain who will then signal for referee for a time-out. This rule includes injuries and other events, which may require stoppage in play. 7. Referees are instructed to drop the puck within 15 seconds from the call of the stoppage of play. The puck will be dropped regardless of the readiness of either teams. 8. timberland outlet uk Should a hard shot hit the goalkeeper’s face mask while play is in progress, the play may be stopped at the discretion of the referee only if no immediate scoring chance is presented to the opposing team. 9. The offending team that is being called for icing is not allowed to change their players. a. Should a player of a team equal or superior in numerical strength propel the puck in any manner from his own half of the ice to beyond the icing line of the opposing team, (including off the boards or protective glass) without the puck being touched by any player from either team in the offensive half of the ice before the puck crosses the goal line, an icing will be in effect. b. There are two decisions a linesman must make under HYBIRD icing rules; i) He must determine that the shot from a player’s own side of the center ice line will cross the goal line in the attacking zone. ii) He must determine whether a defending player or attacking player would be first to touch the puck. Note: The second decision must be made no later than the instant the first of the players reaches the end zone faceoff dots (although the decision can be made earlier). The skates of the skaters will be the determining factor. c. Should the puck be shot or propelled in such a way that it travels around the boards and slides back towards center ice, the linesman will determine which player would be first to touch the puck. In this instance, the determining factor is not the end zone faceoff dots but the puck. d. If there is no “race” for the puck, icing will be not called until the defending player crosses his defending blue line and the puck crosses the ice line. adidas boost golf shoes cheap e. A delayed icing will be waived if the goalie leaves his goal crease regardless there’s a play or not. 11. Referees and off-ice officials have been instructed not to tolerate any form of abuse from players. The referee has the authority to issue a bench minor or misconduct with or without a warning if a bench or individual is being particularly vocal. If the comments from the bench or player are particularly abusive towards any officials, the offender will be ejected from the game immediately and the situation will be reviewed by the league committee to determine if further action is warrant. PENALTIES Minor penalty – 2 minutes Double Minor penalty – 4 minutes Major penalty – 5 minutes Misconduct – 10 minutes Note: Penalty time clock stops when gameplay is stopped. 1. A penalty shot shall be called when the attacking player has past his defensive zone and has no defending players between him and the net. The attacking player must be denied a reasonable scoring opportunity. 2. An unintentional high stick that draws blood has a minimum penalty of a double minor (4 mins). A major and game misconduct can be assessed at the discretion of the referee (5 mins). 3. A major penalty should be assessed for any situation involving an action that may or did cause injury through the deliberate action of a player. Major penalties should also be awarded to a player for actions of unusual aggression. 4. Any situation that involves a Major Penalty and a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty should be reported to the league within 24 hours. This report shall be filled out on the official match penalty form which can be obtained from the referee in chief. The report shall be sent to the referee in chief – Eugene Ang (eugene.ang@siha.org.sg) Any situation that involves a severe penalty will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee and additional game suspension(s) may result from the review. 5. If a player drops his gloves, a misconduct penalty shall be assessed. If the it is followed by taunts or incitements to fight, a Game Misconduct (along with any other penalties incurred) will result. 6. If the puck is shot directly over the glass (including behind the players’ bench), a minor penalty will result. 7. If coincidental penalties are assessed (one penalty per team at the same stoppage of play) the teams play 4v4. If during the duration of those penalties another penalty is assessed the teams would play 5v4. The coincidental penalties now expire at a stoppage of play. 8. Any teams that has a total of 5 suspensions over the course of a season, the team will be suspended from play for their next game. This includes playoff games. The opposing team that is supposed to be playing will be awarded a win in the standings and that ice slot will then be opened up to our members to play an exhibition game against the team that is playing during that specific ice slot. No members from the suspended team will be allowed to take part of that exhibition game. 9. If a player receives 3 penalties in single game, he will be ejected from that particular game. This does not count as a suspension. 10. All misconduct penalties shall be reported to the Referee in Chief. Any player who receives their first misconduct penalty will receive a warning. Should he receive a second Game Misconduct (throughout the entire season), he will then be assess an automatic Game Misconduct for their next game. On the second misconduct penalty of the season, the player will not receive a game misconduct for that particular game, but a game suspension on their following game. This includes playoff games. For the rules not covered in the league playing rules please refer to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) rule book.