Introducing Live Updates of Game Stats

Enjoy real-time updates of game boxscores for the NIHL Men’s League

Smokeys goalie

Since the December 16, 2013 launch of our new website we have experienced tremendous response. In the first 24 hours after its launch the SIHA website received over 1000 hits, and we continue to get between 100-200 hits everyday.

We also continue to make a number of enhancements and improvements, the most prominent being real-time access to game statistics for the NIHL Men’s League. Through the use of our PointStreak data-entry engine, and the generous support of volunteer scorekeepers like Danial Venema, Eve Yap, and Jaslyn Lim, all game boxscores are updated live (see a box score example here). This means the morning after your games you can see boxscores, the scoring race, and current standings. If you can’t wait to see the progress of a particular game, then you, your friends, or family can monitor the games real-time through the PointStreak GameLive function. It is a separate tab at the top of each boxscore. You can check out a real-life example of this world-class functionality here.

As a reminder, to find any game or league statistics, from our Home Page, navigate to “NIHL/League Scores and Stats”.

The new site is also a huge leap in exposure for our sponsors. Not only do they all have prominent placement on every single page including the home page, there is also a distinct main menu item entitled “Sponsors” that provides profiles of each supporting organization. This benefits us all by increasing value for sponsorship, which ultimately allows us to support more programs.

As a reminder, all web-sites are only as good as their content. If you’re an amateur blogger or a professional journalist, we would welcome any photos, one-off articles, or regular contribution that you would like to make (SIHA reserves the right to edit/reject content before posting). If you’re interested, please contact